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This is NOT an application for employment ... we have NO Employees, everyone is an Independent Contractor and will most likely not work more than 20 days within a Calendar Year.

Please enter your information below, it is not required that you enter your Social Security Number at this time, however, you will not be allowed to work unless we get a copy of it for our files. (Bring a copy to your interview or first day of work) Two additional forms will need to be filled out as well, they are the 'Independent Contractor Form' and the 'W-9' form, both forms will be available at your time of Interview or at the Venue on day of event. These forms will also be available at any venue prior to any event. Also keep in mind that work is available on a seasonal bases and that at NO TIME are you to be considered as an employee, you are an Independent Contractor.

Applications are Accepted at ALL Times, However we are only bringing on Vendors at this time.

After being accepted for work, you will also need to complete an Independent Contractors Agreement.

Job descriptions are listed below.

When entering how you were referred to Seattreats, please enter a name of a person who referred you, or how you heard about us, just saying a Friend or Seattreats Worker does not help.

TERMS AND DISCLAIMER: I certify that my answers are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I give Seattreats the right to investigate all references and to secure additional information about me, if job related. I hear by release from liability Seattreats and its representatives for seeking such information, and all other persons, corporations or organizations for furnishing such information.

By submitting this form you agree to it's terms and understand this disclaimer.

Once your application is accepted you will be notified as to your next step, there are 2 additional forms that need to be filled out and you will fill those out at your interview or orientation.

Job Descriptions


A Vendor, which in some areas of the country is also known as a Hawker. Hawking is the term to describe what a Vendor does. Vendors hawk their product to the crowd by hollering it out, such as 'BEER', 'HOT DOGS' etc.

A vendor is expected to make sales to seated fans at events, in a professional and friendly manner. The vendor walks the stadium, up and down the aisles hawking and showing their products, so that guests will buy them.

Vendors are paid by commission only, the more you sell the more you make. The Commission Rate is Venue Specific. In some cases vendors may be paid a performance bonus.

Cashier: (Can be held responsible for cash shortages)

The cashier is responsible for collecting the money due from the Vendor according to the loads and sales they make. The cashier will use either a paper system or a computer to record, loads sent out, cash collected and products returned. The cashier will reconcile with each vendor and then reconcile the room inventory with the cash receipts at the end of the event. The Cashier is also reponsible for making sure any Uniforms, Equipment, etc. that a Vendors, buys or borrows is recorded to that Vendors Sheet and Returned at the end of the event or paid for by the Vendor.

Cashiers are paid an hourly rate, the rate is Venue Specific.

Room Staff: (Commissary Worker - Loader - Prep - Lead) (can be held responsible for cash shortages)

The room staff is responsible for making sure all product is ready to be vended by the Vendor. Products may need to be iced down.

Room Staff will need to prep some products such as Hot Dogs, they may need to be cooked, put in buns, and wrapped. Hot Chocolate may need to be mixed and poured. There are many other products that will need to be prepared as well.

The Room Staff is responsible for making sure that the Vendor receives the correct product and the correct amount of product. Collect the Load Slips or Load Tickets, place them in the Vendor Specific Cup or Box. At the end of the event the room staff is responsible for counting, accepting and documenting returned products from Vendors.

The Lead is responsible for Vending Room Inventory and making sure the Vendors are served in a timely manner.

When delivers are made or product is removed from a Vending Room, the Loader/Prep/Lead is responsible to make sure there is documentation, so the room balances at the end of the night.

Room Staff is paid an hourly rate, the rate is Venue Specific.

Managers: Room and Venue Manager

The Venue Manager is responsible for making sure each room is properly staffed, has enough product and that each product is being vended.

The Room or Venue Manager is also responsible to make sure ALL Vendors are in proper Uniform.

Managers are paid an hourly rate, the rate is Venue Specific.

Concessions Staff:

At some venues we provide Concessions Staff.

Concessions Staff varies from Venue to Venue, however, in a concession stand, we need a cashier (not in all Cases), runners and support staff.

Within a concession stand, some food products need to be prepared in advance of the event (1-2 hours). Items and need are Venue Specific.

Concession workers are paid by a commission rate in most cases, however this can be venue specific.


In some cases we may not have a Venue Manager, commissary workers, loaders or leads. This of course is dependent upon the size of the event and number of needed vendors.

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Position Desired

Do you have Vending Experience?

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Where have you Hawked/Vended before?

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Please Pick The Venues You Would Be Available To Work

Have you ever been convicted of a Felony?

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Are you a Registered Sex Offender?*

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Do you have Alcohol Servers training, such as TEAM, TIPS, Bassett, TABC*

If, YES, which one, when does it expire (Bring it with you to Orientation or your first event)

Do you have any physical disabilities that would prevent you from performing this type of work? (Activities include one or more of the following, walking, standing, carrying weight of up to 50 pounds)

Select an option

If, yes, briefly explain

Please provide the last two (2) places you worked, Name and Contact Information (If there are NOT 2, your application will not be accepted)

Please provide two (2) references. (Include, Name, Address, Relationship, Company and Phone Number (If there are NOT 2, your application will not be accepted)*

How were you refered to Seattreats? (DO NOT put Friend unless, you put their Name)*

When is the best time to call / contact you?*

I Understand by filling out this application, that at NO time am I considered an Employee, I am an Independent Contractor and will get paid by commission only based on my sales or a total sales of a concessions stand I may be working in.

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Please type your first and last name in lieu of a signature.*

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