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In-Seat Service - at Stadiums and Clubs

Hawking / Seat Vending - in Stadiums, Arenas and Venues

Concessions - On Line Cashiers, Prep, Back of House

Kitchen - Prep and Cooking

Food Service - Festivals, Stadiums, Food Courts

Seattreats is able to provide, Food Service workers for Small events to Large Events. We can Cater events up to 5,000. We are experienced in Food Service, Food Handling and can provide service for front of house, back of house and food prep.

Seattreats, has worked many events from Soccer Games, College Football, Concerts, Horse Racing and NASCAR events and NFL Football for the Green Bay Packers Concessions and Vending.

We provide In-Seat Service and In-Seat Vending (Hawking), concessions and portable stand workers. We have the resources to get up to 100 staff within a few days notice.  

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