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Alpine Valley Music Theater

Alpine Valley is located in South Eastern Wisc. near Lake Geneva.

Parking - I will update when I have this information

Entering the Stadium - You Must be in complete uniform, including hat I.D. and Vending Shirt. - you enter the stadium on the far East Side by the Garage Warehouse area - you will be checked in.

REQUIREMENTS to work here.

1) You must fill out both a Legends Application and a Seattreats Application.

2) You must go through a background check

3) You must take a Drug Test

4) You must have a TEAM and/or a TIPS Alcohol Servers card w/ Wisconsin Eligibility

5) You must purchase a Alcohol Servers Lic for $25.


Uniform - Black Pants - Black Shoes - Seattreats Vending Shirt and a Black Hat - I.D. Badge - Price Buttons

Toyota Park - Bridgeview, IL.

Toyota Park is located in Bridgeview Il. just a bit Southwest of Midway Airport, it is located on the corner of 79th and Harlem.

Public Transportation

To get to the Midway Airport Bus Terminals take the 'Orange Line' to Midway Airport (End of the Line), there you will be able to pick up the PACE Bus 386, they also have a special shuttle bus, I think the cost is $1.75 which will take you to the Park. The bus runs well on days of events.


Free Parking is available along the 79th St. side of the Venue, make sure you let them know you are a game day worker and you are working with Sodexo.


Uniform here is Black Pants (No Cargo, No Jeans, No Sweats, No Jogging) (Shorts are allowed on warm days)- Black Skid Resistant Shoes and a Seattreats Shirt (Vendors - Safety Green Shirt - prefer the soccer ball logo), (Concessions and Seattreats Stand - White Seattreats Shirt) and Hat (Vendors - Yellow, (Concessions and Seattreats Stand - Black -or- none, you may also wear a Chicago Fire hat during Fire Games.


You must enter the Park through gate 'E'

You will not be allowed to bring ANY bags into the Stadium, except a Clear Plastic Bag.

UIC Pavilion - Chicago, IL.

UIC Pavilion is located in Chicago at Racine and Harrison along the Eisenhower (I-290) Expressway

Public Transportation

The Blue Line Stops on Racine about 1/2 Block North of the Venue


Free Parking is available in the Parking Garage just east of the Venue (3-Story Garage), when entering the Parking Garage let them know you are working for Seattreats/Sodexo


Uniform here is Black Pants - Black Skid Resistant Shoes and a Seattreats Shirt (Vendors - Safety Green Shirt), (Concessions and Seattreats Stand - White Seattreats Shirt) and Hat (Vendors - Black (Non-Concert) -or- Yellow (Concert)), (Concessions and Seattreats Stand - Black -or- Sodexo hat, NO other hat is acceptable)


Enter the Building on the Harrison Street Side at Gate 2 - you must sign in with the Building, on the Sodexo Sheet, all workers Including Vendors, must enter Gate 2 and sign in.

To Serve Alcohol at this Venue you must be TEAM Trained and have your TEAM Card with you.

Alcohol Policy is NO ONE gets an Alcoholic Beverage without a Wrist Band and you MUST also Card if they appear to be under the Age of 30.

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