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Vendor Information

Here you will find information needed to have a successful day at one of the venues.

Vendor Rules

Vendor To Fan

  • Always be polite.

  • Serve the fan as quick as possible so other fans can enjoy the event. Always bend down (They are there to see the game not how well you can sell your product, pour a beer or make a hot dog.)

  • Always give back correct change. (Never ask if they want their change back. It is theirs. If they want to give you a gift that is up to them. It is also rude and makes you look like a beggar.) Soliciting Tips is not allowed. Selling product for the wrong amount is Theft and will be treated as such.

  • Never disrespect the Home Team. (You are working for them.)

  • Serve responsibly you are the last defense against someone being over-served.(Someone's life is not worth you making an extra buck) Refer to Alcohol Rules.

  • Do Not cut through the seating area while the game is on, unless there are no fans in that section or are seated in the lower seats, pass behind them.

  • Never sell off of a Garbage can or in a Bathroom.

  • Do Not Sell during the National Anthem of Any Country and remove your Hat.

  • Cell phone use is never allowed during working hours.

Vendor To Company

  • Respect Management of the Venue even if they are visiting managers. Insubordination and grandstanding is not tolerated. This is grounds for termination.

  • Bring any problems to either the Venue Management or if the need arises to the Union (Where Union Representation is available)

  • Vend whatever product you are given for the day and make the best of it.

  • Visiting another Stadium as a Vendor, respect their rules as if your Job depended on does.

Vendor To Vendor

  • ONE Vendor per Aisle, per item, unless the venue permits two or more.

  • DO NOT cut off another Vendor, or take away a sale.

  • DO NOT slice a Vendor, by traveling between the seats.

  • RESPECT another Vendors sale.

  • NEVER Argue with another Vendor in view of the fans.

  • It is never proper to ask another Vendor how much he made in either commission or in tips.

Alcohol Service Policy

All workers must be TEAM Certified, and have their TEAM card available at every event.All workers must have any and all certifications that are applicable to the venue, such as Licensing by the State, County or City, including any special testing the Venue requires. You must have these completed before you are allowed to work.Service of two (at Colorado State, you may Only Serve 1 per person, with a wristband) Alcoholic beverages per Possession per ID, if the customer has one alcoholic beverage, then only one alcoholic beverage can be served. Disciplinary action taken will be suspension and up to and/or including termination.Check ID’s of all customers of all ages, on every sale. Disciplinary action taken will be suspension and up to and/or including termination.No service shall be given to an intoxicated guest. Disciplinary action taken will be immediate terminationWhen cut-off time is announced all sales are completed and vendors are to proceed to their assigned commissary and all portables are to display their closed sign. No new sales are to be transacted after cut-off time. Cut-off times are to be determined by the Venue or the Concessionaire.Soccer games, no new cases of beer will be distributed after the 60th minute of play and no sales are to be transacted after the 70th minute of play.Baseball Games, in most cases alcohol will end with the last out in the bottom of the 7th inning, however the Venue can extend and/or cut off sooner.Concerts no new cases are to be distributed 15 minutes before cut-off time and no sales are to be transacted after cut-off time. During Concerts a notice will be posted in each vending location as to when cut-off time will be. Cut-off time can be changed at the discretion of the Venue, or the Concessionaire. Disciplinary action taken will be suspension and up to and/or including termination.No Alcoholic Beverages will be served to a minor, a minor being anyone younger than age 21. Disciplinary action taken, will be immediate termination.If any Federal, State, County or Municipal laws are broken, the employee will be immediately terminated and may face criminal or civil prosecution.

Uniform Policy

At most of our Venues you must wear Black Pants (Look at the Venue Requirements) - NO CARGO PANTS, NO JEANS, Shorts are acceptable at some Venues.

Shoes must always be Black, and most venues prefer, Skid or Slip Resistant Shoes - NO open toed shoes

Shirts must always be tucked in. Shirts are available for a cash purchase of $25 and $35 if we take it from your check. Shirts deposits will be refunded at the end of season, if the shirt is in Good Condition. You are responsible to make sure your shirt is clean. If you already have a shirt and need another one you will be charged again, until one of the shirts is returned.

Hats, you must wear a Yellow Hat (Venue Specific/Job Specific), Hats cost $5 if you pay cash and $5 if taken from your check. Hats will not be bought back. Hats must always face forward.If you lose your hat you can BUY a replacement at $10.

Aprons (3-pocket) and/or fanny packs are available for $5 if you pay cash and $7 if taken from your check. You can return these in good condition at the end of the season for a refund. If you prefer a 6-Pocket Apron you can purchase one for $17 cash or $20 from your check.

Vending Straps are available if you want to purchase them for $12 cash or $15 if taken from your check. You can also use a strap at an event as long as you return it, if it is not returned you will be charged the $15 on your next check. No Straps will be taken bought back.

Price buttons will be provided at each event, this is part of your uniform and you must wear one through the entire event. The price button must be worn in a place where the quest can clearly see the product and price. Turn in your buttons at the end of each event. The first button is at no cost however, replacement buttons will be provided at $2 each and unreturned buttons will be $2.00. Return your buttons at the end of each event.

During Cold Weather, you can wear a 'WHITE' or 'BLACK' or 'Neon Green' Sweatshirt under your uniform shirt, make sure it is a plain white or black shirt, we do not want to read through the uniform shirt. Some Vendors have purchased a Seattreats Jacket, if so those who purchase the 'Gold/Yellow' Jackets may wear them over their Seattreats Shirt, for those who purchased the 'Blue' Jacket you must wear it under your Seattreats Shirt.

I.D. Badges - You will be given an I.D. Badge per-event (Venue Specific) - all unreturned, lost, stolen, broken etc., Badges will be taken from your Check at a cost to you of $25. - NOT all Venues

No earrings on Males and no hoop earrings on Females.

No Nail Polish on fingers.

No visible tattoos, if you have any you must cover them up.

Males must be clean shaven, however for those of you who have mustaches or beards, they must be neatly trimmed.

Payroll and Payday

Our Pay System is as follows:


All Normal events, i.e. Soccer, Football, Roller Derby, Boxing, Basketball, Baseball etc., will be as follows:

Our paydays are every other Monday (if Monday is a Holiday then Pay Day will be Tuesday) and the checks will be mailed the previous Friday

Special Events……Concerts especially will be delayed until we get paid by the venue, this is to ensure that we have been paid by the venue, before we do payroll. However if we are paid before the pay date we will add it on normal event checks.

If you have any discrepancies with your check, please DO NOT CALL, email us at –or- mail your documentation to

Seattreats Inc.

1200 W. 35th St. #281

Chicago, IL. 60609

You must include, Event Name, Event Date and what the problem may be.

Calling us does you no good as I am not always in the office and do not have payroll information readily available. 

Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions


A Vendor, which in some areas of the country is also known as a Hawker. Hawking is the term to describe what a Vendor does. Vendors hawk their product to the crowd by hollering it out, such as 'BEER', 'HOT DOGS' etc.

A vendor is expected to make sales to seated fans at events, in a professional and friendly manner. The vendor walks the stadium, up and down the aisles hawking and showing their products, so that guests will buy them. In many cases Vendors will carry as much as 40 pounds while walking through the seated areas.

Vendors are paid by commission only, the more you sell the more you make. The Commission Rate is Venue Specific. In some cases vendors may be paid a performance bonus.

Cashier: (Can be held responsible for cash shortages)

The cashier is responsible for collecting the money due from the Vendor according to the loads and sales they make. The cashier will use either a paper system or a computer to record, loads sent out, cash collected and products returned. The cashier will reconcile with each vendor and then reconcile the room inventory with the cash receipts at the end of the event.

Cashiers are paid an hourly rate or per event rate, the rate is Venue Specific.

Room Staff: (Commissary Worker - Loader - Prep - Lead) (Can beheld responsible for room shortages)

The room staff is responsible for making sure all product is ready to be vended by the Vendor. Products may need to be iced down.

Room Staff will need to prep some products such as Hot Dogs, they may need to be cooked, put in buns, and wrapped. Hot Chocolate may need to be mixed and poured. There are many other products that will need to be put together as well.

The Room Staff is responsible for making sure that the Vendor receives the correct product and the correct amount of product. Collect the Load Slips or Load Tickets, place them in the Vendor Specific Cup or Box. At the end of the event the room staff is responsible for counting, accepting and documenting returned products from Vendors.

The Lead is responsible for Vending Room Inventory and making sure the Vendors are served in a timely manner.

When deliveries are made or product is removed from a Vending Room, the Loader/Prep/Lead is responsible to make sure there is documentation, so the room balances at the end of the night.

Room Staff is paid an hourly rate or per event rate, the rate is Venue Specific.

Managers: Room and Venue Manager

The Venue Manager is responsible for making sure each room is properly staffed, has enough product and that each product is being vended.

Managers are paid an hourly rate or per event rate, the rate is Venue Specific.

Concessions Staff:

At some venues we provide Concessions Staff.

Concessions Staff varies from Venue to Venue, however, in a concession stand, we need a cashier (not in all Cases), runners and support staff.

Within a concession stand, some food products need to be prepared in advance of the event (1-2 hours). Items and need are Venue Specific.

Concession workers are paid by a commission rate in most cases, in some cases an hourly rate or per event rate may apply, however this can be venue specific.


In some cases we may not have a Venue Manager, commissary worker, loader, lead or cashier. This of course is dependent upon the size of the event and number of needed vendors and the Venue.

Pay Rates: Hourly Workers

Anyone working for us before Sept 1, 2013 will be paid $10 per hour, any one starting after Sept. 1 2013 will be paid $9.00

Starting with Basketball at Northwestern ALL, Concessions workers, no matter what date you started will be paid $9 per hour.

Pay Rates : Vendors

This is Venue specific and is posted at each venue or the cashier has a list or copy of the rates either on paper or in the laptop.

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